NJSPBA joins Public Employee Unions Federal Lawsuit challenging Pension Benefit Law

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New Jersey State PBA News

SUMMER 2014-

When Nat King Cole wrote that song he certainly got the last part right.
Summer is traditionally a relatively quiet time at the NJ State PBA office.
Unfortunately, the summer of 2014 didn't really cooperate. Tragically, we
lost two of New Jersey's finest: Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago
was murdered in his police car on July 13 by an animal who wanted to
be famous. A few short days later we lost Waldwick Police Officer
Christopher Goodell during the performance of his duties while most of
the residents of Waldwick slept safely and comfortably in their homes.
We also had a host of very serious crashes involving police officers all
across the state. I wish them all a fast and healthy recovery.
A Message from State President Patrick
  Rob Nixon's legislative news:

State PBA Legislation Watch List -

The following is a list of significant issues the State PBA is following in
Trenton.  PBA members will be notified via the State PBA website or
through their Delegates as matters proceed.

“Shared Services”

Senate Bill 2 (Sweeney)/Assembly Bill 1171 (Lampitt): Senate Bill 2
was significantly amended by the State Senate to remove options for
local governments to suspend civil service and employee tenure and
seniority rights.  The bill would permit the State to study options for
sharing services in towns that are not currently in a shared service
agreement and would permit the State to withhold State aid if a local
government rejects a shared services study.   STATUS: Senate Bill 2 and
Assembly Bill 1171 await consideration in the Assembly Housing and
Local Government Committee.

“Disability Pensions”

Senate Bill 1913 (Sweeney)/Assembly Bill 3074 (Burzichelli):  The
legislation would change the process for consideration and award of
accidental and ordinary disability pensions.  The bill limits ordinary
disability eligibility to PFRS members with 10 or more years,
establishes a cap on post retirement earnings that would reduce the
member benefit for every dollar earned over a certain amount, requires
annual medical testing, creates a Fraud Unit and would require
employers to offer “similar jobs” to employees to prevent disability
filings.  The State PBA has proposed substantial amendments that are
under consideration by the sponsor.  STATUS: Senate Bill 1913, 2nd
Reading in Senate.  Assembly Bill 3074 has been referred to the
Assembly State Government Committee.

“Law Enforcement”

Assembly Bill 1677 (Johnson)/Senate Bill 2477(Weinberg): The bills
would establish penalties for illegal access to police GPS.  STATUS:
Assembly Bill 1677 was passed unanimously by the Assembly and is
awaiting consideration in the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee
with Senate Bill 2477.

Assembly Bill 3166 (Wilson)/Senate Bill 2129 (Norcross):  The bill
would permit counties who have county police departments to hire
specials for their county police and in the sheriff’s department for
limited purposes of court security inside the Court House.  STATUS:
The legislation has passed both houses and is awaiting action by the

“Halfway Houses and Privatization”

Assembly Bill 3504 (Mainor): The bill prohibits pre-trial county inmates
charged with first, second, or third degree crimes from being placed in
halfway houses.  STATUS: The bill has been referred to the Assembly
Law and Public Safety Committee for consideration.

“Collective Bargaining – Sick Leave”

Assembly Bill 3538 (Mainor): Provides for sick leave injury program of
30 days for State employees who are members of PFRS or SPRS.  
STATUS: WITHDRAWN.  Assembly Bill 3747 has been proposed to take
the place of this bill.  The bill would provide SLI only to corrections
officers injured by an inmate.

Senate Bill 1564 (Sweeney)/Senate Bill 906 (Sarlo)/Assembly Bill 1179
(Lampitt)/Assembly Bill 2489 (Lampitt): Senate Bill 1564 would freeze
the payout for sick leave and vacation time that an employee could
claim for time previously earned and prohibit the payment for time
earned after the bill becomes law.  Senate Bill 906 would freeze the
payout for sick leave and vacation time that an employee could claim for
time previously earned and would cap future accruals at $7500.  
Assembly Bill 1179 would protect time already earned and place a cap
on future time that could only be used to pay for post retirement
medical issues.  Assembly Bill 2489 is similar, though not identical, to
the requirements of Senate Bill 1564.  STATUS: Assembly Bill 1179 and
Assembly Bill 2489 were released by the Assembly State Government
Committee on March and sent to 2nd Reading in the Assembly.  No
action taken in Senate.